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Western Sierra RR T-shirt
Price: $19.99
US Coast Guard logo Pocket T-shirt

4 Piece Coaster Set
Price: $9.99
1952 Oldsmobile Logo Mousepad
Price: $11.99

This is a simple layout where your products are featured.

Your 7 Page e-commerce enabled website will appear as shown. Your actual products will replace the above images. When your customers click the image, a new page will appear displaying your actual full-sized images.

Your customers will have a more detailed look at each product and order right from the page.

If your product selection is limited (as shown above), you can display 4 different products: Coaster Sets (both square and round), Mousepads, Regular T-shirts and Pocket T-shirts.

T-shirts, as an example, can then be sub-divided into color and sizes.

Mousepads, being one size can have 2 sections where you can list the different designs available.

Be creative.

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